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Bulls pictured below are
SureFire bulls and sires of same.
Sandman 74H - breed safely to heifers!
Britisher 18F Sandman 74H 

Luke 42L - breed him to your heifers!
LP Jasper 01J Luke 42L

Lazer 54L - heifer bull
Brit Silver 26E Lazer 54L 

SureFire Heifer Bulls!SureFire Heifer Bulls

We have been able to raise many Hereford bulls that are a sure bet for calving heifers with ease.  Of course, the sire contributes half the genetics to determine the dimensions and weight of a calf at birth while the dam's genetics, size, shape, and environment are other determining factors.

When we say a bull is a Surefire Heifer Bull, we believe that his birthweight, shape at birth, ease with which he was born, and his parent's records all indicate that he will be as easy-calving as possible.  This does not mean that other bulls are not easy-calving.  One thing we cull for is hard-calving or large birthweights - so feel confident in our bull's abilities.

Don't make the mistake of looking at birthweight only!  For example, two bulls we used in the past had birthweights 20 lbs. apart - yet the heavier bull was a very easy-calving sire and the lighter bull produced calves that wouldn't come out on their own.

Please have a look at all the SureFire heifer bulls for sale.

52N, 64N & 60N are all out of heifers, were born unassisted and were very vigorous. They are excellent examples of Surefire Heifer Bulls
SOLD!! Thank you Ken and Michael Sauve of Gleichen, Alberta for their purchase of two bulls from our SureFire program:
17L - SureFire heifer bull sold to the Sauve's of Gleichen.

Std Gem 01J Linus 17L
We retained in-herd use on 17L. Low birth and super growth. (17L is pictured at left.)

Std Silver 26E Longview 41L
High maternal and
calving ease genetics.

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